Ohio child-serving organizations have created child-focused recommendations for Governor DeWine and the 133rd General Assembly as they consider their first biennial budget and deliberate on how to effectively invest in Ohio’s children, families, and future.


The Ohio Children's Budget Coalition

We believe that the DeWine Administration and the General Assembly must:

  • Consider childhood as a continuum spanning prenatal through age 18 and acknowledge that adolescent development continues through the early 20s, with many youth in need of additional support to successfully transition to adulthood.
  • Maximize outcomes for Ohio’s children by eliminating silos and building a comprehensive, coordinated continuum of services and programs to holistically address children’s issues beyond the artificial boundaries of agencies and funding streams.
  • Ensure all investments in Ohio’s children are in data- and research-driven best practice approaches, programs, and services that maximize benefits for children and families and represent an effective use of taxpayer investments.
  • Go beyond “reporting out,” and take a transformational approach to create a comprehensive continuum of care for all children focused on improving child outcomes.

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Investing in Ohio’s children is critical for Ohio’s continued success.  

The Ohio Children’s Budget recommendations are aligned with the DeWine agenda and elevate issues to help children thrive across our great state.  

To achieve their full potential, each child must be loved, safe, cared for, healthy, educated, fed and nurtured.  


Coalition Allies




We know what Ohio's children need to thrive. 

 Programs exist that support economic security for families, changing children’s lives for the better and increasing educational outcomes and lifetime earnings.  

However, we as adults must look at children and families holistically, not just in pieces and parts and must be willing to invest in their success.  

Ohio Children's budget policy issue briefs

Youth Prisons

Earned Income Tax Credit

2020 Census and the Child Undercount

Economic Disadvantage

Children Services Reform

Evidence-Based Home Visiting

Wraparound Services in Schools

Medicaid and CHIP Primer

Quality Care and Preschool

Multi-System Youth

Children Exposed to Lead

Summer Feeding in Rural Ohio

Child Mental Health Services

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Family Paid Leave

Trauma-Informed Care in Schools

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School Safety & Funding

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Funders and Support

The Ohio Children's Budget Coalition is supported by the Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation


Each member of the Coalition provides in-kind support through the development of Issue Briefs, thought leadership on critical children's issues, and coalition leadership. 


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